Use LedEdit 2014 with Pixel Led Animator 2 to Create Custom LED Animations

If you’re looking to enhance your LED lighting setup with custom animations, using LedEdit 2014 with Pixel Led Animator 2 is a powerful combination. LedEdit 2014 is a popular software tool for controlling LED lighting systems, but it doesn’t have an effect generator. This can be a limitation for users who want to create more complex and dynamic displays.

Create Professional-Quality LED Animations with Pixel Led Animator 2

That’s where Pixel Led Animator 2 comes in. This software allows you to create custom LED animations and import them into LedEdit 2014 for use in your lighting setup. With a range of tools and features for adding and editing pixels, creating shapes and patterns, and applying effects such as fades and flashes, Pixel Led Animator 2 gives you the power to create professional-quality LED animations.

Import Custom Animations into LedEdit 2014

Using Pixel Led Animator 2 with LedEdit 2014 is easy. Simply create your animation in Pixel Led Animator 2, export it as a video file, and import it into LedEdit 2014. From there, you can use the tools and features in LedEdit 2014 to customize the display of your animation, such as changing the color or brightness of the LEDs. When you’re happy with your animation, you can use LedEdit 2014 to send it to your LED lighting setup.

Compatible with Multiple LED Software Tools

In addition to working with LedEdit 2014, Pixel Led Animator 2 is also compatible with newer versions of LedEdit and other LED software that accept video file input. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used with a wide range of LED lighting systems and projects.

Take Your LED Lighting to the Next Level

Overall, if you’re looking to create custom LED animations and use them in your LED lighting setup, using LedEdit 2014 with Pixel Led Animator 2 is a powerful combination. With these tools, you’ll have the power to create dynamic and eye-catching displays that will take your LED lighting to the next level.