Pixel LED Animator V2.0 – Create Effects for LED Edit Software

What is Pixel Led Animator?

Pixel Led Animator is a software developed for Pixel LED Effects & Animations.

Create LED effects and color animations for LED panels, strips, etc. in multiple forms!

Choose from a variety of animation types.

With our software you can easily create pixel led effects for led controller software like Led Edit, Led Easy, Madrix etc.

Create Pixel Led Effects

It's very easy to create effects. Choose the animation type, custom colors and other variables, then you can save the effect to disk and use it with your LED program (such as LED Edit).

Export your effects as SWF MOV AVI & GIF files

When you are done with creating your effects you can export them as video files and use it with software you like!


This is the first release of Pixel LED Animator! Follow us on Social Media to get updates about new features!