Create Pixel Led Effects Easily!

We are pleased to introduce Pixel Led Animator 2, the latest version of our powerful software for creating stunning LED pixel effects, with a range of generators including
lines, circles, flicker, fire, rain, grid, text animations, image effects and much more!
Export animations in a variety of formats including AVI, SWF, MOV, GIF & MP4

The ultimate tool for creating LED pixel effects:

In addition to advanced tools such as the effects combiner and sequencer, this software has everything you need to create professional-quality pixel led projects. 

Pixel LED Effects Generator GET NOW!


Obtain your license now! Enjoy a secure download and payment process through Gumroad. We accept major credit cards and Paypal for your convenience.

Seamless Integration with Pixel LED Mapping Software:

  • MadMapper
  • Resolume Arena
  • Vixen Lights
  • Jinx!
  • Glediator
  • Lightjams
  • LED Studio
  • LED Edit
Pixel LED Effect Generator Features:
NEW! Effects Tool!

Combiner & Sequencer! With integrated tools, you can edit your generated effects to combine them or create a sequence!

Effects Generators

We've included many effects generators in our software, so you can create infinite amounts of pixel LED effects and animations!

Image Animation

Choose one of 2000 emojis in the library included in the program, or use your own image brand logo and animate them!

Text Animation 

Animated text works great on led panels. Change the  Font, size, color, background color and animation and effect type!

Export Pixel LED Effects as Video Files

You can export your animations as video effects files in different formats: SWF, AVI MOV or GIF 

Use Pixel Led Animator with Led Edit Software:


Pixel Led Effects for LEDEdit Software

The best tool for Pixel LED Animations

Pixel Led Animator is a pixel led effects creator for LedEdit software. It allows you to create your own pixel led animations and effects for the Led Edit software.

How to create custom Pixel LED Effects for Led Edit 2014:

This editor can be used by anyone who is familiar with the basics of pixels and animation, which allows you to create unlimited number of effects for the Led Edit software from Led Edit 2014 to Led Edit 2023. Generate unlimited effects and expand your Led Edit Effects library.

Use with JINX!, MADRIX and other Pixel LED Mapping Software:

You can use our pixel led animator with every software that accept a video file input like:


Whether you're a professional animator working on a high-profile project or a hobbyist looking to add some flair to your home led instalation, Pixel LED Animator can help you achieve your goals. With its intuitive interface and powerful features

Pixel LED Animator makes it easy to create animations.

Whether you're using:

LedEdit, LED Strip Studio, Jinx - LED Matrix Control - Glediator

or any other LED software or controller that accepts video file input


Create an infinite number of effects!

Get your License now & create effects for  Led Edit 2014, Led Edit 2022 & LED Software that accepts video files

Choose from over 2500 emojis, standard effects, grids, transitions, effects specifically for led stripes and much more!

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